Madagascar has an incredible know-how ranging from embroidery to aluminum objects, paintings, paper mache, raffia, toy soldiers, marquetry, jewelry …. When purchasing wooden objects or gold jewelry, please specifically request the exit permit to leave the country to the seller. Surely some of these items will always find a place in your luggage. Prices are negotiable, sellers will not be offended. It is the daily game of Malagasy craftsmen.
• Ar 400 000 of local currency banknotes
• 250 g of hallmarked jewelry for residents
• 1 kg of hallmarked jewelry for non-residents subject to an exchange declaration corresponding to its value
• 2kg of prepared vanilla (clove, braided)
• 5kg of dry seeds (beans, lentils, peas cap, etc.)
• 1kg of onions
• 1kg of pepper
• 1kg of coffee
• 5kg of meat (chilled, frozen or dried) except for the European Union
• 10kg of fish and seafood (chilled, dried or frozen) up to 2kg per single species, purchased from approved establishments