The whales are out there!

Posté le 7 July 2016

Every year at the same period, it’s the same expectation! Everyone is in anguish! Well, this year it’s confirmed: the whales are there, they are waiting for you, off the coast of Madagascar! Go for a perfect holiday! Beach, turquoise lagoon, sun and whales!

The whales are off the coast of Madagascar from July to September (included).


baleine sur les côtes de madagascar


Where to watch whales in Madagascar?

This 2016 season, they have already been observed in the southwest, along the coral reef bordering this part of the island. From this coast, they will head north to Mahajanga in the northwest and up to Nosy Be in the extreme northwestern Madagascar.

Whales are already on the East Coast as well: they go past the coastline of Fort Dauphin to go up through the channel between Sainte-Marie and Madagascar before settling in Antongil Bay. Indeed, this bay has all the conditions for calves to be born and grow up safely till October when they massively come back to the Antarctic waters.

Thus, Madagascar has got many spots for whale watching! You’re spoiled for choice!


carte des spots baleines à madagascar


Why do the whales come to Madagascar?

The whales leave the Antarctica icy waters, travel 5000 or even 6000km to reach warmer temperatures and free from predators to give birth.

It is also the breeding season. They thus  give you a unique show: calves swimming alongside their mothers, tails beating the water, males jumps to attract females, their impressive songs, but also the powerful “blasts” of these mammals whose jet can be as high as 3 meters. In general, dolphins are also there! An unforgettable moment !




Secure observation supervised by Cétamada:

Cétamada Association trains ecovolunteers that ensure, throughout the island, whale watching in total respect to these mammals and the environment: distance from the whales should be at least 100m, reduce boat speed on a 800m safety zone around them, never cut their way, etc.


Voir les baleines à madagascar_sécurité