Madagascar has a dry season and a rainy season.
However, some areas of the country have a higher rainfall (the East).

The southern summer is from November to April.
It is hot and dry throughout the territory from November to mid-December.
– Between 26-30 ° in the highlands,
– 30-32 ° on the east coasts, North East and South East,
– 30-36 ° on the western coast, the North West, the South and the Southwest
– Can exceed 40 degrees in the shade in the regions of Maevatanana (Majunga) and Mahafaly (South).
It is hot and humid from mid-December to March. Thunderstorms occur throughout the territory, especially in the late afternoon.

February to April is cyclone season: Madagascar is located in the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ. This period (especially April) is in Europe the end of the austral summer and the winter.

From June to August is the southern winter. Temperature in highlands can fall up to – 0 ° C.

May is quite green with a temperate climate. In September, the island comes out of winter and summer is not yet in, so temperatures are very pleasant.